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Founded in 2006, FFC has 10 years experience working with some of NZ’s top architects and builders. Our work can be found on a wide range of projects, from Auckland’s Art Gallery (notable for it’s precise craftsmanship throughout) to homes of high-net-worth individuals.

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Choose the Best Metal for Your Job

The beauty of a metal finish is that there’s a wide range of options you can choose to perfectly match your project. Here’s some key considerations for each:


There’s two basic styles of aluminium:

  • ANODISED ALUMINIUM: a controlled electro-chemical process that uniformly creates a thick oxide film as part of the aluminium itself.  The specification for the thickness of the anodised oxide film depends on the required application and location, and is measured in microns.  Generally, the greater the thickness of oxide, the greater the ability to withstand harsh corrosive conditions.
  • PAINTED ALUMINIUM: Uses type 5052 or 5005 marine grade aluminium alloy substrates, polyester primer, a choice of waterborne, polyester or 70% PVF2 top coats, AR8™ and ARX™ are designed for use in severe and very severe marine environments and are ideal for cladding.


Zinc is rapidly rising as the material of choice in up-market designer offices and homes. When you choose Zinc Cladding for your home, there’s a number of finishes you can choose from…

  • NATURAL ZINC: Gradually changes colour over time
  • PRE-WEATHERED QUARTZ TITANIUM ZINC: Chemically treated to give full natural weathered look right from day one
  • ANTHRA TITANIUM ZINC: Almost ancient looking dark patina
  • TEXTURED TITANIUM ZINC: Treated imperfectly, the patina takes on a textured look.


As copper ages, it changes colour from that bright reddish coppery colour to a light green hue. This process could take decades, even centuries, under natural conditions. But today you can select the degree of aging depending on your personal taste and the natural environment for your home. There’s three basic variants you can choose from:


  • STANDARD COPPER: has a bright red surface, which will weather over time, turning brown and then green.
  • BROWN COPPER: a dark oxidised (pre-weathered) copper. It is mainly intended for roofs and exterior wall covering, windows, doors and for decorative purposes.
  • GREEN COPPER: a pre-patinated copper which already appears to have been weathered for decades or even centuries. It can be easily bent and is most commonly used for making panels and cassettes. Green is available in traditional and living surfaces. The living surface has a mottled and lively pattern.

Stainless Steel

At FFC we recommend Grade 445M2, which is easier to work with than austenitic stainless steels such as 316. The much lower rate of work hardening gives lower forming loads, and less springback. Grade 445M2 also behaves like carbon steel in cutting operations: it gives cleaner cuts, with less distortion, and much better tool life.


These advantages have been crucial for the introduction of the grade to uses like roll formed roofing and cladding, and expanded metal. It is also very useful for perforating into acoustic screens etc.

We specialize in a range of custom-made sheet metal goods including everything from rainwater heads, intricate louver chimneys and stunning custom fabricated entrance doors.

We use the latest technology combined with 35 years of experience, enthusiasm, and quality suppliers to provide an excellent service to our customers.

Our service can be all inclusive from initial consultation, manufacturing through to delivery. Whether it be manufacturing your design or starting from a concept our technical team can deliver your project.

Our business is built on reputation and we get the job right first time, supplying the best products fabricated from the highest quality materials at great value for money. FFC and our highly skilled team are committed to providing the highest standards of workmanship to both domestic and commercial customers That’s why our customers recommend us in Auckland and surrounding areas.

Are you a licensed building practitioner? If so, please include your license number to ensure you receive our trade discounts.

We support the roofing trade. It is experts like you whoset the standards the industry must live up to. It is you who drive technology and innovation. And it’s you who earn your living subcontracting your services. For thes reasons we take very good care of you. Be sure to mention your speciality when you call us.

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Project Analysis and Reccommendations 65%
Design and Technical Drawings 80%
Cutting 100%
Folding & Fabrication 100%
Delivery 55%
Maintenance and Repairs 35%

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